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Mohan Gyani

Mohan Gyani has served as one of our directors since December 2009 and as lead independent director since July 2012. Since May 2005, Mr. Gyani has served in various roles at Roamware, Inc., a mobile roaming solutions company, most recently as Vice Chairman. From March 2000 to January 2003, Mr. Gyani served as President and Chief Executive Officer of AT&T Wireless Services, Inc., a telecommunications company. From September 1995 to 1999, Mr. Gyani was an Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of AirTouch Communications, Inc., a wireless telephone services provider. Prior to AirTouch Communications, Mr. Gyani spent 15 years with the Pacific Telesis Group, Inc. of Pacific Bell, a telecommunications company. Mr. Gyani holds a BA in business administration and an MBA from San Francisco State University. From June 2007 to June 2010, Mr. Gyani served on the board of directors of Mobile Telesystems, Inc. Currently, Mr. Gyani serves on the boards of directors of Audience, Inc., Keynote Systems, Inc., Safeway, Inc. and Union Bank, N.A., as well as on the boards of directors of certain private companies. Mr. Gyani was selected to serve on our board based on his extensive experience with technology and networking companies and broad experience in the telecommunications industry.